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ISVodka Party and Open Bar at Jack's Nightclub in La Jolla

Download high quality free photographs from this gallery showing ISVodka party goers at the hot, new nightclub restaurant bar lounge private dining at Jack's in La Jolla on Main Street with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Join our merry makers as they sip ISVodka martinis and take straight shots from the ice sculpture luge. All photographs are by 3rd generation photographer Julio Fonyat from Brazil, now living in San Diego.
If you have not been to Jack's yet, you're in for a treat. Jack's La Jolla has won numerous awards including the Mobil Travel Guide 4 Star Rating, the Award of Excellence from the Wine Spectator and the Best New San Diego Restaurant by Citysearch. If you get bored in one area of Jack's you can meander to the Wall Street Bar, Jack's Wine Bar, the Ocean Room Bar or Level 3. Each area offers a different drink and dining experience and ambiance as well. Check out these 3 floors of endless fun at Jack's in La Jolla.

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